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The Big CNC is a custom CNC router designed and built by Danny Miller. It has a maximum cutting area of 5' by 8'

ClassWarningIcon.png Members must complete the Big CNC Class before using this tool



Before I Start

  • Switch on the two power outlets
  • Wear Glasses and Closed Shoes
  • Fix your work to the table (nylon nails, screws, double sided tape)
  • Mount the bit
  • Wrak & Home
  • Switch on Dust Collection
  • Make sure the table is cleared of all obstructions.

When I'm done

  • Shutdown the two power outlets.
  • put wrenches, bolt, thingy back in the box in the CNC cabinet.
  • Clean up the remaining dust.


While there's often an assortment of tools to be found around the space, regular users will want to purchase their own router bits.



This tool is owned by Danny Miller and hosted at Asmbly for members to use. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.