Booking Policies

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To ensure availability of tools/shop space and reasonable occupancy levels, all shop/machine time must be scheduled. These reservations are made through our online scheduling system - Skedda. We have a private venue in Skedda meaning only invited users can register for our venue and see event information. Members are sent a registration link for Skedda once they have completed the onboarding process (see How to Join on our main website for more info).

Booking Policies

General Info

  • Facility hours are 5 AM - 2 AM, 7 days a week (i.e. 21/7/365).
  • Areas or specific machines in the shop are listed in Skedda as "spaces".
  • Each member may book up to a certain number of hours per week across all workspaces (count resets on Monday).
  • You must provide a mobile phone number to complete your booking.  This will not be visible to other members, except the Board of Directors and designated Skedda admins.  This allows us a direct means to contact you in the moment should we need to speak with you during your reservation.
    • Note:  Only your name and Booking Title is visible to other members in Skedda, not the description or your personal contact information.
  • There are multiple slots available for booking the woodshop.  There is no difference between them, it simply allows for multiple members to work in the woodshop at the same time.  Members booked for the woodshop at the same time should work together to clean and coordinate use of shared machinery.
    • If you know you will be heavily using a specific tool in the woodshop during your reservation (e.g. router table), feel free to indicate that in the Booking Title field to let other members know.  Note that this does not guarantee sole use of that equipment during your reservation.
    • If another member booked concurrently in the woodshop has provided contact information or you wish to reach out to them through Discourse, you may contacting them to game plan in advance how you will work together in the shop.

Equipment-specific time limits

There are a few machines in the space with high demand which have limits on the length of bookings. Additionally, we only allow one "active" reservation at a time for these machines. An "active" reservation is defined as a reservation that will occur at some point in the future. A second active reservation may be made with "bumpable" in the Booking Title field. This indicates a soft reservation that another member may bump if they need the time.

  • Lasers - max 3 hours
  • Wood CNC - max 4.5 hours

How to Bump a Reservation

Reservations marked "bumpable" may be taken by another member if needed - this is called bumping a reservation. Member’s personal contact information is not shared in Skedda unless that member decides to share it in the title of their booking.  If the member has provided a mode of contact and you are comfortable reaching out, you may do so directly.  If a member has not provided their contact information in Skedda, you may also search for them in Discourse and reach out to them directly there.

If you would prefer not to contact the member directly, you may also email and we will help make the adjustment. Remember we are a volunteer-run organization, so requests will take time to fulfill. Please give at least 24 hours advance notice when requesting help bumping another member's reservation and wait for confirmation before going to the space.  If another member requests to “bump you” and take your soft reservation, please kindly respect their request.

Small Businesses

While many makerspaces do not allow businesses at all, Asmbly prides itself in serving as a small business incubator with an aim to accommodate small businesses.  However, we must also ensure in doing so that it is not to the detriment of our other members. For this reason, we have additional booking restrictions for members who use the space for a common business.

  • A single business may only book a max of 2 sessions on a machine per day, regardless of the number of Asmbly members the business has.
  • Asmbly may impose further booking restrictions as necessary should a business's usage further impede accessibility to the broader community.