Internal Network

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In the past year we've embarked on a project of simplifying the network infrastructure of the space. As of now (January 2022) we've reduced about as much as we're going to and replaced anything left that exceeded our jankiness tolerance, so we're mainly in maintenance mode.

The Mini-Rack

The 9U wall-mount rack in the multipurpose room (nee Lounge) is the new core of the Asmbly network. It contains an UPS, a 48-port patch panel, our Spectrum Business cable modem/router contraption, the Unifi Dream Machine Pro that manages our network, a Unifi 48-port core switch, and a Unifi 24-port POE switch to power APs, cameras, and miscellany.

The main OpenPath cabinet is mounted under the mini-rack.


Asmbly WiFi is provided by three Unifi UAP-AC-Lites. One's in the multi-purpose room over the Co-Working door, the other two are mounted on ceiling beams roughly centered over the eastern and western halves of the workshop area, respectively.

Workshop Miscellany

  • The Computer Desk Switch
    • Our last unmanaged switch on the computer desk in the multi-purpose room that supplies the miscellaneous PCs and some desktop network jacks.

To Do

We've finished decommissioning the rats-nest in the electronics lab, but there are a few more cable runs that might come in handy :

  • a wired network drop (pair would be nice but not strictly necessary) to wherever the shark CNC winds up
  • another pair to the electronics lab. Everything there now has a connection, but some extras might come in handy for projects.
  • two or four (1-2 pairs) to the computer table in the multi-purpose room so we can eliminate that switch.
  • flip around one or two pairs of jacks from co-working to face 3D printers so we can eliminate that switch.

At some point it might be nice to move the DVR to the mini-rack -- this will involve extending a bunch of security Siamese coax+power cables from the electronics lab, unless we ditch the old cameras.