Intro to Filament 3D Printing Class

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This course is an introduction to 3D printing. The course will cover important settings for 3d printing such as infill, layer height, materials, speed, etc, as well as going over where to find those things in the slicing software and making adjustments. The 3D printing course is a two-part course that takes place over two sessions on Saturday with a 30 minute break in between.


You must purchase and bring 1-2 spools of 1.75mm pla flilament with you to the in person portion of the class. These run around $20/ea on Amazon and can last months. Instructor recommends the brand Hatchbox, which is the most popular and easy to use. Other recommended brands are: Overture, Proto-Pasta, ColorFabb, Ultimaker, and Makerbot. Please remember to bring a notepad or other way to take notes during class.

Part 1

Basics of Printing

  • Types of Printers
  • Types of Filament

Printer Terms and Functions

  • Main Printer Parts and Purpose

How to get 3-D Prints

  • Brief Overview of Creating in CAD Software
  • Downloading Models

Printing Software


  • General Overview and Features
  • Best Placement Positions
  • Slicer Settings
  • Necessary Settings
  • Optional Settings


Basic Operation

  • Pre-Print Checklist
  • Proper First Layer Appearance
  • Common Issues and Fixes
  • Homework/Prep for In-Person Portion

Part 2

  • Loading unloading filament using separate machines
  • Operating the 3D printers and printing designs

This is an active class at Asmbly. If you can't find an upcoming session in the Class Schedule, email for more information.