Lathe Class

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The metal lathe is one of the 2 tools you could use to rebuild the entire world. Its versatility is very understated. Prior to the invention of the metal lathe we could only get close to being round. Making spacers, turning a new handle, properly drilling a hole in round stock, and cleaning up round stock.

Update: I got some new Iscar carbide inserts that are capable cutting steel and aluminum. The main difference is the rpms for the two types of metal.


  • Safety
  • How to use the aluminum chop saw for cutting stock
  • Parts of the metal lathe
  • How to indicate a part
  • How to face a part
  • How to turn a part
  • How to center drill, drill, and use a boring bar
  • How to knurl
  • How to part a part
  • Clean up procedure

You will get a handout, a greater appreciation of the metal lathe, an Iscar carbide insert, and an aluminum keepsake.

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