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Asmbly's organization structure consists of two main groups: the board, who are in charge of strategy and governance, and volunteer leaders, who are in charge of getting stuff done. Sometimes an individual volunteer serves in multiple roles, but this isn't always the case. See Leadership for info on current and past appointments.

The Board

Asmbly's board consists of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and (as of 2021) two "at large" board members with no specific duties. Board terms are staggered so not everybody's up for replacement in the same year.

Officially board terms are two years, but people can be replaced mid-term by either resignation or ejection.

At this time, new board members are elected by majority of the current board.

The board president owns the agenda and generally runs board meetings. Asmbly's president is a voting member of the board.
The board secretary is responsible for meeting minutes, governing documents, and official policies of Asmbly.
The board treasurer is responsible for Asmbly's overall budget. As of now the treasurer is also responsible for day-to-day accounts receivable and payable, but could be a staff or assistant volunteer responsibility in the future.
At-Large Board Members
An At-Large board member doesn't have any specific responsibilities beyond participating in board work and voting on motions before the board.

Volunteer/Paid Leaders

The day-to-day operation of Asmbly is largely driven by volunteer leaders, although we aim to someday transition all of these to paid positions. Some of these roles are filled by board members but none of them need be. Each volunteer/paid leader is essentially the top of an ad-hoc pyramid; they may manage their teams and delegate as they see fit, but are ultimately responsible that stuff gets done.

Executive Director
The Executive Director has overall authority over all staff and volunteers at Asmbly, answering only to the board.
Director of Operations
The Director of Operations has authority over all goings-on in the space, including tool acquisition/disposition, project planning and execution, member onboarding and discipline, operational policies and procedures. Volunteer stewards report to the Director of Operations.
Shop Supervisor
The Shop Supervisor manages and oversees our Volunteer Shop Stewards program and works directly with the Director of Operations to ensure tool maintenance and repair is taken care of.
Director of Facilities
The Director of Facilities has authority over the space and its infrastructure, including space planning, networks, utilities, HVAC, and access controls.
Director of Education
The Director of Education has authority over everything related to classes and training, including instructors, curricula and scheduling.
Director of Development
The Director of Development has authority over Asmbly's public interactions, including partnerships and sponsorships, marketing, advertising, and fundraising.

Unfilled Roles

Asmbly is interested in filling additional leadership roles if/when we can find the right volunteers

Director of Membership
The Director of Membership would pick up all membership-related responsibilities currently divided amongst Operations and the Executive Director, including processes, onboarding, and discipline.
The Quartermaster would pick up all inventory-related responsibilities currently divided amongst Operations, Facilities, and Stewards. This individual is ultimately responsible for keeping stocks an ordering supplies necessary for maintenance and instruction.