Sawstop ICS Table Saw

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The SawStop 10" Industrial Cabinet Saw model ICS73230 is a 230v, 60hz, 17.8amp, 3ph, 7.5hp wonder with plenty of extended table space.

ClassWarningIcon.png Members must complete the Woodshop Safety Class before using this tool

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A general-purpose blade suitable for most applications is provided by Asmbly. We understand that some users may wish to provide a more application-specific blade; if this is the case, please discuss with the Workshop Committee on getting checked out to change the blade and properly adjust the SawStop brake cartridge. Inexpert blade changes can lead to misfire of the blade brake.

If you cause the brake to fire, you will be charge for a replacement!

The SawStop system is designed to reduce the risk of personal injury when using the table saw. The brake cartridge is single-use and must be replaced after engagement. It may be falsely triggered by conductive materials, for example

  • Metallic fixtures (like an aluminum miter gauge)
  • Very wet wood, especially when its treated
  • Metallized plastics (like mirrored acrylic)
  • Heavily carbonized (ie burnt) wood
  • Embedded fasteners (screws / nails / staples)

Asmbly endeavors to keep a spare brake cartridge on hand at all times. Some users may with to have one on hand or buy their own instead of reimbursing the space for a brake event.

  • The standard 10" blade brake cartridge is part number TSBC-10R2 Buy on Amazon
  • The 8" dado-blade brake cartridge is part number TSDC-8R2 Buy on Amazon



This tool is owned by Danny Miller and hosted at Asmbly for members to use. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.