Shaper Origin Certification Class

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The Shaper Origin is a handheld CNC which brings precision milling to your wood work. When coupled with the Workstation they become a wonder tool for joinery, engraving, inlays, and simple CNC projects. Best of all? Our Origin is so approachable that you can get certified to use it in two hours.

This certification class covers how to use the tool using the screen interface as a guide. Included are all the processes to do end grain milling and face milling. You’ll unpack the Origin and set up the Workstation. Next you will design and cut mortise and perfect-fitting through tenon. Then you finish with packing up and putting the system away. All the design is done on the tool; no other software is required.

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This is an active class at Asmbly. If you can't find an upcoming session in the Class Schedule, email for more information.