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Our Shop Stewards program has been developed and lead by Shop Supervisor Charlie Staley. Stewards are responsible for safety and maintenance of tools at Asmbly.

List of Stewards

Steward Area(s)
Charlie Staley Head Steward, Woodshop
Danny Miller Lasers, CNC
Mollie Doyle Woodshop, CNC
Scott Wynd Woodshop, Lathes
James Freeman Woodshop, CNC, autobay, textiles
George Mossessian Woodshop, artisan workbench, autobay
Adam Gordon Woodshop, Textiles
Chris McKinley Woodshop
Jennifer Childs Woodshop
Ethan Moore Machine Shop, Woodshop
Eric Kaufman Metalshop
Maz Salimi Woodshop
Randall Ward 3d Printing
Christopher McKinley Woodshop
Joe Ngo Metal Shop
Eric Peterson Machine Shop
Daniel Turton Autobay
Art Zamorano Woodshop
James Fett Woodshop
Joseph Schmulian Woodshop
Charles Leininger Woodshop, Lathes
Hayley Deitmeyer Woodshop

The stewards receive and report information at the workshop using QR Codes on Tool Tags on the machines.