TIG Welding Class

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Required dress

Natural fiber long pants, natural fiber shirt, and closed toe shoes (natural fiber being cotton or wool)


If you want your own TIG consumables, you can buy the parts for “17 series torch”. Most welding gas supply shops carry it, Amazon and Cyberweld.com. I would get 2% thoriated or purple tops 1/16" or 3/32" diameter tungsten rod. Get ER70S- steel fill rod in 1/16" size.


  • Safety
  • How to sharpen tungsten
  • How to weld steel beads
  • How to tack weld
  • Cover the use of the tools in the metal shop

Things not covered in this class

Aluminum is not covered. I think the pathway through steel tig welding will help you get comfortable with the process prior to adding two more variables when moving onto AL.

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