Manual Milling Class

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This class focuses on using the Rong-Fu 45 Vertical Mill as well as a lot of other tools (DO-All Bandsaw, Sandblaster, Belt Sander, and grinder). It is a required prerequisite for the Tormach class. Each student will leave the class with a key chain made in the class.

Please review the how to indicate a vise and the climb vs conventional milling video located at the link below before the class.


  • Safety
  • Parts of the Mill
  • How to indicate a vise
  • How to calculate proper machine RPM
  • Difference between climb and conventional milling
  • How to square a part
  • How to layout a semi precise part with Dykem fluid and calipers
  • How to center drill, drill, and counter bore
  • How to mill a pocket
  • How to use the Do-All Band-saw
  • How to use the sandblaster
  • How to make a leather insert on the Laser

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