Delta 31-484 Spindle Sander

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The Delta 31-484 is a 1hp oscillating spindle sander with a 24" square cast-iron table. The spindle may be tilted up to 45º for sanding complex curves.

ClassWarningIcon.png Members must complete the Stationary Sanders Class before using this tool


The spindle tilt wheel has stops at 90° and 45°; rotate clockwise to increase the angle, counterclockwise to decrease. The angle indicator may not reflect the spindle angle accurately as you adjust; as always, measure the spindle angle as you adjust. If the 90° or 45° stop positions are out of alignment, use any maintenance QR code in the shop to request that they be adjusted.

To change the spindle:

  1. Remove the black table insert by lifting it out.
  2. At the rear of the machine, lift the two black handles to remove the access panel.
  3. Use the two wrenches hanging on the left side of the machine to loosen the spindle. One wrench holds the spindle seat in place, the other loosens the spindle.
  4. Unscrew the spindle by hand and store it upright in the spindle trays on either side of the machine.
  5. Screw in the new spindle and tighten using the wrenches. Hang the wrenches back on the left side when you’re finished with them.
  6. Choose a suitable table insert (hanging on the left side of the machine) for the spindle’s size and place it in the table, aligning the notch on the right side of the insert. Make sure to choose a table insert that will accommodate the angle you plan to tilt the spindle to.



This tool is owned by Jon Eklund and hosted at Asmbly for members to use. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.