Grizzly G0817 Bandsaws

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Asmbly has two Grizzly G0817 14" bandsaws for contour cutting.

ClassWarningIcon.png Members must complete the Woodshop Safety Class before using this tool

The brake pedal is the off switch. Push hard.

No adjustments allowed, except for Fence & Cutting height.

These saws lack automatic dust collection. Vacuum around the saw and inside the cabinet after use.

These saws take 120" blades. We typically equip one with a 1/8" blade for fine contours and one with a 3/8" general-purpose blade.

  • No blade changes - call a steward or report via red QR code.
  • Do not adjust bearings or tension. Do not release tension.
  • If you see a problem that you think needs these adjustments, report using any red QR code.

Maximum cutting height is 14", maximum cutting width is 13½"

G0817 twins.jpg



This tool is owned by Asmbly Makerspace for the use of its members. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.