Laguna iQ CNC

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Asmbly recently acquired a Laguna IQ Desktop CNC. It uses the same software and workflow as the Laguna Swift Vacuum CNC, but with a 24" x 36" work surface using conventional hold-downs.

Cutting fluids are not permitted to be used on the woodshop CNC machines including the Laguna Swift and Laguna IQ CNCs.

Cutting of soft metals, such as aluminum and brass, is permitted on the Laguna Swift and Laguna IQ CNCs. Please be sure to clean the machine thoroughly to ensure all chips are cleared from the gantry and ways.

Hard metals like steel and cast iron are not permitted to be cut on the woodshop CNCs.

ClassWarningIcon.png Members must complete the Intro to CNC Routers Class before using this tool


The Laguna IQ CNC has a 3hp continuous-duty liquid-cooled spindle. It can make any cut the big CNC can make.



This tool is owned by Asmbly Makerspace for the use of its members. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.