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Our ULS-XL1200, colloquially known as "Big Red", has been retired after a long life of service to the space. Since this model was an evolutionary dead-end and service parts have largely become unobtainable, Asmbly's board decided to stop feeding the money pit after a tube fritzed out and the controller started going randomly woobly during rastering.

Red's capabilities are more than matched by Dorian and Tarkin

This tool is no longer at Asmbly Makerspace

The following information is maintained for historical purposes only. Currently operable tools are listed in the Master Tools List

The Universal Laser Systems XL-12000 laser cutter is a powerful, industrial-grade laser engraving and cutting system engineered to handle advanced engraving, cutting, and marking applications. It features a 48" x 24" working area, 120 watt output CO2 laser, and air assist to keep both optics and cutting zone clean. The XL-12000 is driven by servo motors, making it faster than its less powerful cousins which are driven by stepper motors.

ULS XL-12000 Red Laser Cutter onsite.jpg

Some Specifications and Features of "Big Red"

  • Engineered to handle advanced laser engraving, cutting and marking needs
  • Front door and overlapping, wraparound top door with sloping front provide easy access for loading and unloading
  • Active matrix color screen on XL control panel displays preview of each job and allows user to recall and repeat any print job
  • 24" x 48" cutting area
  • 120 watt laser ( 2 beam combined 60 watt tubes )
  • Advanced beam indicator that precisely indentifies the point of laser impact
  • Built-in protection for optics from air compressor
  • Automatic detection of installed options
  • The honeycomb bed should be replaced with 24" x 48" and 1" thick aluminum honeycomb, 1/4# cells. The bed actually extends a bit beyond the 24" x 48" cutting area, so a slightly oversized piece of honeycomb is desirable.


Laser Cutter Materials



IMPORTANT: Avoiding cone crashes and other problems

Never raster at faster than 70%, you will loose y-steps and your image will be smeared.

Never change the "Tuning" parameter in the laser settings from zero, from Danny:

   It's there to create an offset to compensate for a machine offset where the left-going and right-going raster cuts are lagging (in different directions) because they thought that might result from the belt being loose.  That never actually happens though, even if the belt is loose that doesn't happen.
   The parameter is useless and should never be used, it'll just create an offset between left and right cuts, resulting in a double image on rastering.  Put it at zero.
   I'd disable it if I could, but the software isn't open-source.  If anyone sets it, it doesn't automatically go away when a new user enters new speed/z-height and all that.   Only if they load a settings file.
RedLaser settings tuning.png