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The Electronics lab has an assortment of soldering and desoldering equipment, in addition to the Hot Air Rework tools.

  • one Thermaltronics TMT-9000S curie-point soldering station
    • Thermaltronics SHP-1 standard handpiece with yellow-band (375ºC) tips
    • Thermaltronics SMT tweezers with yellow-band (375ºC) tips
  • two Hakko FX-888 ESD-Safe soldering stations
  • one Weller WES-51 ESD-Safe soldering station
  • one Hakko FR-300 desoldering tool
  • one Weller heavy soldering gun
  • propane torch
  • Wagner heat gun


This tool is owned by Asmbly Makerspace for the use of its members. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.