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Asmbly is always interested in acquiring quality tools and machinery for use by its members. This page includes a selection of our priorities for 2022.

If you own one of these machines and would be interested in donating or hosting it at Asmbly for members to use, please email workshop@asmbly.org for more information. As a rule, Asmbly accepts hosting or donation of working, ready-to-use equipment. If you have a candidate machine that needs some attention before use, we may be able to arrange volunteer support for repairs prior to or concurrent with transfer to Asmbly.

Wood Shop

  • A large tilting-head scroll saw: eg Excalibur 21. We have a couple small consumer-grade scroll saws but it can be hard to control a workpiece on a tilted table, and flat they're mostly redundant to the big lasers. A tilting-head saw can make cuts that would be very difficult otherwise. (We'll need two or more matching machines if we get a scroll saw class going.)
  • Two more Laguna Revo 12|16 variable-speed midi lathes. Our woodturning classes are always popular and expanding our lathe fleet will allow us to accommodate more students.
  • Large bandsaw: Powermatic or similar, 20" . Powermatic PM2013B-3 . More capability, foot brake, current equipment will not stay aligned.

Metal Shop

  • A metal-cutting handheld circular saw: eg Milwaukee or Makita. These are really useful for making clean cuts in plate without breaking out the fiber laser.
  • A portable bandsaw: eg Milwaukee or Wen. Comes in handy for random fabrication work, and is a lot easier to control than a sawzall.
  • A big pedestal grinder with dust collection: eg Jet IBG-12 with stand. Our bench grinders are all smallish and messy. An upgrade would solve both problems.
  • A 14" or larger semi-automatic cold saw: eg Dake 350SA. Our cutoff saws eat blades like crazy. A proper stationary cold saw with secure workholding and flood coolant would allow us to keep blades reliably useable for members.
  • Manual Vertical Mill, 2+ hp, X&Y power feed and 3-axis DRO preferred: eg Bridgeport or KBC TUM-3VS. Our manual mill's kind of on the small side and doesn't have the rigidity of a full-size mill. We're likewise open to modern or vintage options, so long as it's in good shape.
  • Mobile gantry crane, at least 1000lbs capacity. Electric hoist and lifting magnet definitely a plus but perhaps not strictly necessary. This would come in handy for a bunch of applications, but will be needed soon for a single operator to load material in the fiber laser.
  • A sheet metal corner notcher: eg Jet HN-16N. We'd definitely want a benchtop model that can be stored on a shelf or under a bench when not in use.
  • A second MultiMatic 220. We currently have one MM220 and one MIG welder. Replacing the old MIG with a second 220 would help with TIG classes and allow sharing of consumables.

Electronics Lab

We are currently renovating our electronics lab to bring our outdated equipment up-to-date. Our full wish list for this renovation can be seen on Digi-Key here and here. Below are a few of the larger items we are looking for.

We are not currently accepting donations for electronics consumables such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, ICs, etc.


Our new textiles area is off to a great start, but there's a lot of specialty equipment that we'd love to offer our community.

  • Two more Janone MOD-19s for introductory sewing classes
  • A dressmaker's mannequin
  • A steamer
  • A self-threading serger, eg Juki MO-2000
  • A longarm quilting machine with frame, eg Juki j350
  • A vinyl cutter with modern software capable of contour cutting and reading registration marks, like this 34" LaserPoint 3 ARMS Contour Cut Vinyl Cutter

General Operations

There are a few bits and bobs we need for day-to-day operations of the space

  • K-Cups of any variety will always get used
  • A color laser MFP (eg HP M480f or Canon MF743Cdw) would also be put to good use. We print a lot of class materials and having color would be helpful.