Big Lasers Class

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In this class you will be introduced to laser cutters and learn the process of going from a design to cutting/etching on our Ruida-controlled lasers, including Tarkin - a large format laser capable of cutting through materials up to 1.5" thick. You will practice this procedure several times and even make your own personalized first project. The software you'll use with our lasers is LightBurn and the process you'll practice is generally usable across most laser projects.

When you've finished the class you'll walk away with a step-by-step guide to using the big Asmbly lasers, a personalized project you'll have cut by yourself, and the certification to use Asmbly's Ruida-controlled laser cutters going forward.

This is an active class at Asmbly. If you can't find an upcoming session in the Class Schedule, email for more information.