Epson ET-16600 Sublimation Printer

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Unfortunately our Epson sublimation printer has conked out already and we've been unable to obtain service. We've ordered a Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer to replace it.

This tool is no longer at Asmbly Makerspace

The following information is maintained for historical purposes only. Currently operable tools are listed in the Master Tools List

Our Epson ET-16600 is a tabloid-plus (up to 13"x19") inkjet printer/copier loaded with Hiipoo sublimation ink. You can create heat-press-ready sublimation media by copying print media up to 11"x17" or direct-printing up to 13"x19" from your own computer.

The ET-16600 is equipped with an 11x17 double-sided scanner and is set up for scan-to-email.

Epson ET-16600.jpg