Grizzly G0779 Gearhead Drill Press

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The Grizzly G0779 is a 2hp gearhead drill press with a 23-3/8" swing and a 6-speed reversible spindle. Speeds range from 90rpm to 1970rpm. It's equipped with a recirculating coolant system and a Palmgren cross-slide vise.

ClassWarningIcon.png Members must complete the Metal Shop Safety Class before using this tool


Usage Notes

  • Only change gears when the spindle is stopped
  • If a knob doesn't want to go into gear, try turning the spindle 1/4-1/2 turn. The gears should mesh nicely.
  • If the motor's on and the spindle isn't turning, one of the knobs is between gears.



This tool is owned by Asmbly Makerspace for the use of its members. Please contact the workshop committee if maintenance is required.