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CO2 lasers available for member use are described below. Each laser has a prerequisite class, but no additional fees for operation.

View of central work table and lasers in Laser shop area. Photo by Riko Balakit, July 2022.

Laser Summary

Laser Power Air Assist? Rotary? Camera? Bed Size Workflow
Blue 60W N N N 18x32 ULS Print Driver
Pearl 100W N Y N 18x32 ULS Print Driver
Red 120W Y N N 24x48 ULS Print Driver
Dorian 120W Y Y Y 36x51 LightBurn
Tarkin 220W Y N Y 39x63 LightBurn

Laser Tips and Tricks


To be fair to other users, each member may only have one "active" reservation at a time in (maximum) three hour blocks. Additionally, we only allow one "active" reservation at a time for these machines. An "active" reservation is defined as a reservation that will occur at some point in the future. A second active reservation may be made with "bumpable" in the Booking Title field. This indicates a soft reservation that another member may bump if they need the time.


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